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About the Program

The AIEF Scholarship Program provides scholarships that enable Indigenous students in financial need to attend leading Australian schools and universities.

The program is founded on the belief that students will have the greatest chance of succeeding at school if the decision to enrol is one made by the family and the student in conjunction with the school.

Our scholarships facilitate choice for parents and families by removing the financial barriers that may prevent Indigenous students who want to pursue their education with our Educational Partners from doing so.

We do not believe our scholarships are for everyone, nor do we actively seek Indigenous students to take them up – AIEF Scholarships are awarded on the basis of student enthusiasm and family support for the opportunity, among other eligibility criteria.

A parent and school-led model

AIEF does not impose a one-size-fits-all or prescriptive approach on our Partner Schools. Instead, AIEF provides the AIEF Scholarship Program and the complementary AIEF Pathways Program to support individual schools to implement their own responses to Indigenous education in their own way.

Under AIEF’s parent and school-led model, AIEF Partner Schools are responsible for developing relationships with Indigenous families and communities, student selection and enrolment and education and pastoral care.


Educational Partners

AIEF partners with leading schools and tertiary residential colleges that have a demonstrated commitment to Indigenous education, student support and pastoral care, and their own relationships with Indigenous families and communities.

AIEF supports its Educational Partners by providing the financial resources to enable them to build and sustain a critical mass of Indigenous enrolments on a long-term basis. As our funding base grows, we partner with more schools and colleges and offer more scholarships around Australia.

AIEF has no religious affiliation and religion is not part of our partner or student selection criteria. Individual schools may have additional enrolment criteria and the availability of scholarships may be limited.

Find out more about the AIEF Scholarship Program here and here.

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My sons have benefited so much...they have grabbed their opportunity with both hands. The whole experience has been both positive and life changing. Access to a high quality education gives them the tools to succeed in our modern world.

Mother of AIEF Scholarship Students


The AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program are supported by the Australian Government in collaboration with individual, philanthropic and corporate supporters from the private sector.