AIEF mentoring

AIEF Mentoring pairs AIEF Scholarship students with volunteer mentors from AIEF’s Corporate Partners and aims to create structured and trusting relationships that will support students through their senior years at school and beyond. The program launched in NSW in 2010 with six mentor-student pairs and has since grown to support over 180 pairs across Australia.


AIEF Scholarship Students are matched with an AIEF Mentor at the beginning of Year 10. All AIEF Mentors undertake a rigorous screening process and participate in training before meeting their students at an induction session organised by AIEF.

Pairs meet at school monthly and take part in group activities with other mentors and students twice a year. Mentors support students by listening, providing advice and guidance, and by acting as a sounding board for ideas and problems.

Over time, mentors and students build rapport and trust, and mentors can become an important part of a student’s support network. Mentors and students are encouraged to view their relationship as one that will last long after graduation, and AIEF is proud to support many pairs who see themselves as friends for life.

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