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AIEF Alum Flourishing in Culture of Empowerment

Sam King

AIEF Alum Latiesha Dunbar talks about her AIEF journey as “the opportunity of a lifetime”.

Sat 6 Aug 2022

AIEF Scholarship Students Celebrate New Chapter with National Community

Sam King

Graduating Class of 2022 celebrates achievements with AIEF network at the Sydney Opera House.

Tue 9 Aug 2022

Ausbil CEO Swims English Channel to Raise Funds for AIEF Scholarships

Liam Cormican

Ausbil CEO and AIEF supporter Ross Youngman has completed the 33 kilometre swim across the English Channel to raise funds for AIEF Scholarships.

Thu 4 Aug 2022

Scholarships lift Indigenous youth

Noah Yim

AIEF Scholarship Students feature in The Australian alongside AIEF Chair Warren Mundine, talking about the power of opportunity.

Fri 29 Jul 2022

Mining potential from Indigenous communities

Julie Cross

AIEF Scholarship Students visit South32 Cannington Mine to learn about career pathways, including engineering, maintenance, technical services and warehouse services.

Wed 27 Jul 2022

Indigenous scholarship holders return home as inspirations

Julie Cross

AIEF Scholarship Students, the Dann sisters appear in the national network of metropolitan daily newspapers. Their proud mother Justine talks about the empowering opportunities available through quality education.

Thu 2 Jun 2022

The childhood bond driving Watson and Hynes

Brad Walter

AIEF Alum and NRL player Connor Watson discusses the growth of his charity, the Cultural Choice Association, which focuses on suicide prevention amongst young Indigenous people.

Sat 28 May 2022

Indigenous pupils hit 94pc completion rate

Nicholas Jensen

AIEF Alum Kyh Samuelsson and sister Jaidey speak to The Australian about the importance of education and the benefits of attending boarding school on an AIEF Scholarship.

Fri 27 May 2022

How a good education helped Indigenous man Nathan Bassani to have it all

Julie Cross

AIEF Alum Nathan Bassani speaks to News Corp Australia about the importance of education and the benefits of attending boarding school on an AIEF Scholarship.

Sat 21 May 2022

AIEF Partners Among Australia’s Best Workplaces in 2022

Two AIEF partners, champions of opportunity and equality, Commonwealth Bank and KPMG among the 2022 best places to work.

Thu 7 Apr 2022

Australia’s largest corporate philanthropists support AIEF

Many of AIEF’s partners and supporters are among the top 50 community investors for 2021

Tue 1 Feb 2022

Working to help people in need

Siegfried Beschel

AIEF Alum Siegfried Beschel delivered the Acknowledgement of Country at the SAP Effect event in Brisbane.

Thu 4 Nov 2021

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