On Tuesday, 14 August 2012 AIEF invited 15 Indigenous students and their volunteer mentors from AIEF corporate partners to see latest production of the world famous Indigenous Bangarra Dance Theatre, Terrain, at the Sydney Opera House. After being wowed by the dancing, music and artworks of Terrain, the group were also visited by a number of the dancers and artists for a meet and greet as well as a chance to grab photos and chat whilst mingling in the foyer. One dancer expressed his amazement at the program AIEF had designed for the students and was glad to have met such an inspiring group of young Indigenous students.

The feedback from both from the students and mentors was overwhelming, with a number of comments that the night was a wonderful time to bond with one another and that many had been looking forward to it for weeks. One student mentioned she could not take her eyes off the stage, another said the performance was “mesmerising”, and one student even thought she would try to join Bangarra one day.

The activity was part of the AIEF Mentor Program, which aims to create a structured and trusting one-on-one relationship between a student and an experienced, professional individual who shares knowledge and offers guidance and support about life and career options. It is part of the AIEF Pathways Program, which prepares and supports students in their transition from school into further study, training or employment and beyond, leading into productive and fulfilling careers.

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