On 7 November 2012, over 40 students and mentors from the AIEF Mentor Program in Queensland met at the Brisbane Cultural Centre at Southbank for the final mentor group session for this year. At the afternoon session, mentors and students had the chance to wrap up the year by strolling through the centre and visiting GOMA, The State Library or the Queensland Art Gallery, having a coffee at the outdoor café or mingling with fellow mentor-student pairs in the program.

The group session provided an opportunity for students and mentors to catch up outside of the normal school environment, talk about the recent exam period, their plans for the upcoming holidays and anything else the students brought up. It was wonderful to see so many pairs of students and mentors spread out along the foreshore and in the café chatting so easily and enjoying each other’s company.

The activity was part of the AIEF Mentor Program, which aims to create a structured and trusting one-on-one relationship between a student and an experienced, professional individual who shares knowledge and offers guidance and support about life and career options.

AIEF would like to thank Nikki Easterbrook for her photography services provided on the day.

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