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Aquinas College offers AIEF Scholarships for boarding students.

Aquinas College – 2021 Report
David McFadden, Headmaster

As Aquinas is a Catholic school for over 1,000 boys, established and conducted in the Edmund Rice tradition, it is imperative that the College remains true to its founder’s guiding ‘touch stones.’ The inclusion and advancement of a College focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s education is a ‘vehicle’ the College recognises as a means to facilitate ‘two-way’ learning and understanding and so doing enrich the lives of young men from all walks of life, as they prepare to take their place in a culturally diverse contemporary Australian society.

The Aquinas College Indigenous program supported 42 Indigenous students in 2021, 29 of these students being boarders at the College. At the centre of the College’s Indigenous students’ success is the Aquinas Indigenous Education Team, namely Indigenous man and liaison officer, Mr Derek Hunter and College Director of Indigenous Education, Mr Michael Bell. The team is charged with supporting all Indigenous students within the College program to fulfil their individual potential. In doing this Derek and Mike work closely with all key stakeholders including parents, staff and outside providers, like the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) who all contribute to enrich the lives of the boys and in so doing facilitate strong educational outcomes that will see the boys become ‘men for others.’

The primary focus of the Indigenous Education Team is to assist their ‘charges’ to realise that the education that they are accessing has life changing capabilities that must be respected and grasped, as it is education that will truly transform their lives, the lives of their families and the lives of members within their extended communities.

Aquinas has continued to place an emphasis on two-way learning and strengthening the relationship with Australia’s Indigenous people. This commitment has seen the College continue to provide increasing opportunity for all Aquinas students, staff and families to access and celebrate Aboriginal culture and history. This has been facilitated primarily through the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives into the teaching and learning curriculum.

In addition, the College has continued to celebrate Aboriginal culture and history at stand-alone events such as NAIDOC week, Sorry Day and the annual Derby Immersion as conducted in and around the northern town of Derby. Finally, in the spirit of reconciliation the College has continued to ‘remodel’ the official entrance to the school to recognise the traditional land owners of the land upon which Aquinas stands. It is hoped this new addition to the College’s landscape will be the first of a number of projects planned that continue to educate and reconcile differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians now and into the future.

AIEF Scholarship Program Details
Carnarvon, Lake Grace, Katanning, Laverton, Karratha, Newman, Kondinin, Broome, Kalgoorlie, Thursday Island, South Hedland, Kununurra

AIEF Student Class Year Breakdown at Aquinas College 2021

In 2021 AIEF Scholarship Students at Aquinas College were spread across Years 7 to 12.



Indigenous Secondary Students 2021

In 2021, the 52 Indigenous students enrolled at Aquinas College were representative of 4.9% of the total population of 1069 students.

AIEF Scholarship Students 2021


In 2021, AIEF Supported 10 students at Aquinas College.

Retention and Year 12 Completion 2021

In 2021, the retention and Year 12 completion rate at Aquinas College was 100%.

Note: Attrition rates do not imply underperformance as students may leave a school for a variety of reasons including changes in personal circumstances such as family relocation interstate, personal or family health issues, or moving to a school that is more suited to the needs of the student.

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