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Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney offers AIEF Scholarships for boarding students.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney – 2021 Report
Dr Paul Burgis, Principal

PLC Sydney has nine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Four students are AIEF scholarship holders. The PLC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are known as the Djurumin-Gal Group.

We were blessed to hear from one of our junior students on the AIEF scholarship, Marni, during Reconciliation Week in 2021. With the theme, ‘More than a word: Reconciliation Takes Action’, Marni delivered a thoughtful Acknowledgement of Country and then shared a poem with our community.

Juanita in Year 12 moved through her final year of study with persistence. She is grateful to have worked with the AIEF Team through the Pathways Program and found the career sessions helpful. Juanita hopes to pursue her interests in Beauty and Hair Services; she has been developing this interest through a VET TAFE course. She was also grateful to be included in celebrating her graduation with AIEF.

With the distinct demands of late, we are grateful for the continued support of AIEF and of Brooke Prentis, Aboriginal Christian Leader and Wakka Wakka woman. As the CEO of Common Grace, Brooke has continued to mentor and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in a pastoral capacity. By running mentoring sessions online and in-person, Brooke’s leadership has been central to inviting new students into our school and developing a sense of continuity for our current students. After leading our school through a reflective celebration of art and culture over NRW in May 2021, she also invited students to craft their own Acknowledgement of Country and engage in deep listening in a ‘Just Be Day’, designed to support our delivery of online lessons.

We continue to work closely with individual students to support their own particular learning pathways. Year 10 student Jasmine is looking forward to the AIEF Careers Sessions next year as she explores her interests and passions.

Even with its challenges, our Indigenous students have continued to grow and flourish throughout 2021. We look forward to our continued partnership with AIEF.

AIEF Scholarship Program Details
Miller, Belyuen, Waratah, Thursday Island, Dubbo, Coonabarabran, St Georges Basin

AIEF Student Class Year Breakdown at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney 2021

In 2021, AIEF Scholarship Students at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney were spread across Years 7 to 12.


Indigenous Secondary Students 2021

In 2021, the 11 Indigenous students enrolled at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney were representative of 1.1% of the total population of 965 students.

AIEF Scholarship Students 2021


In 2021, AIEF supported four students at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney.

Retention and Year 12 Completion 2021

In 2021, the retention and Year 12 completion rate at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney was 100%.

Note: Attrition rates do not imply underperformance as students may leave a school for a variety of reasons including changes in personal circumstances such as family relocation interstate, personal or family health issues, or moving to a school that is more suited to the needs of the student.

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