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Scotch College, Melbourne offers AIEF Scholarships for boarding students.

Scotch College, Melbourne – 2021
Tom Batty, Principal

The Scotch College Indigenous Programme aims to embed Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff and the broader school community in the foundational belief that education is both the key and hope for the future of all Australians.

Our Indigenous Programme ensures that, during the most influential years of their lives, some 1880 Scotch boys interact and have the opportunity to learn from, and develop friendships with, Indigenous students.

The Indigenous Programme currently supports nine students. In 2021, we welcomed two new students into Year 10. In the last 15 years, 26 Indigenous young men have successfully completed Year 12 and, in so doing, have enriched the School’s social, academic, sporting and other co-curricular communities.

Students for the Programme are drawn from communities across the nation. The fundamental selection criteria are: resilience; a desire and ability to complete Year 12; and the ability to flourish in one or more aspects of the School.

In 2014, Scotch was delighted to become a partner of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

We currently have six students on AIEF scholarships with four of these boys moving into their final year in 2022. AIEF is empowering Partner Schools such as ours to utilise resources and expertise in selecting and educating Indigenous students, to impact on the opportunities for young Indigenous men. AIEF’s Mentor and Pathways Programs are valuable additions to our Programme ensuring students have a clear vision and the skills for life beyond Year 12.

The impact of Covid-19, and the resulting significant periods of remote learning, greatly reduced opportunities for extra-curricular activities across the School, including for Indigenous students. Fortunately, Indigenous students were able to continue meeting with AIEF team members and mentors online and these sessions continue to provide guidance as the young men look to life beyond Year 12.

All Indigenous students were active contributors to the planning and organisation of our first Indigenous Cultural Festival that was to be held in August. This involved a selection of guest speakers, creation of workshops and input into the themes of the festival. The young men also have been intimately involved in the creation of an Indigenous garden and meeting place in a prominent part of the School, where Indigenous plants and rocks from the local area have been used to create a small amphitheatre. Further input from the group will come when an Indigenous artist is engaged to do some carving into a dead river red gum that has been on the land for hundreds of years.

AIEF Scholarship Program Details
Laurieton, Illowa, Launceston, Framlingham, West Launceston, Bendigo, Mooroopna, Tamworth, Tiwi Islands, Flora Hill, Wadeye (Port Keats), Bairnsdale

AIEF Student Class Year Breakdown at Scotch College, Melbourne 2021

In 2021, AIEF Scholarship Students at Scotch College, Melbourne were spread across Years 10 to 11.


Indigenous Secondary Students 2021

In 2021, the 31 Indigenous students enrolled at Scotch College, Melbourne were representative of 2.9% of the total population of 1063 students.

AIEF Scholarship Students 2021


In 2021, AIEF Supported six students at Scotch College, Melbourne.

Retention and Year 12 Completion 2021

In 2021, the retention and Year 12 completion rate at Scotch College, Melbourne was 100%.

Note: Attrition rates do not imply underperformance as students may leave a school for a variety of reasons including changes in personal circumstances such as family relocation interstate, personal or family health issues, or moving to a school that is more suited to the needs of the student.

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