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The Weekend Australian – Business chiefs back scholarships

In a letter to the editor published in The Weekend Australian, more than 30 prominent and highly respected Australians call for support of AIEF’s goal to educate 7,000 Indigenous students.

Sat 8 Jun 2013

Business Review Weekly – Managing with Heart

Leo D’Angelo Fisher

Leo D’Angelo Fisher in Business Review Weekly features AIEF CEO Andrew Penfold as one of three corporate professionals who have successfully shifted their focus towards not-for-profit endeavours.

Thu 13 Jun 2013

The Australian – From Thursday Island to parliament

Rosie Lewis

The Australian features AIEF Scholarship Student Ebithia Mills who is this week participating in the Learn Earn Legend! Work Exposure with Government program.

Mon 17 Jun 2013

The Australian – Focus on beating disadvantage

An editorial in The Australian discusses recent developments in Indigenous affairs as well as the success of the private sector in achieving gains for Australia’s Indigenous population.

Thu 11 Jul 2013

The Sunday Telegraph – School benefits from lion-hearted donation

Chloe Lee-Longhetti

The Sunday Telegraph features an article on the donation of the HSBC British and Irish Lions training kit from their recent tour to AIEF Partner School St Gregory’s College, Campbelltown.

Sun 14 Jul 2013

The Australian – A commercial path forward

The editorial in The Australian refers to a landmark speech given by one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous leaders and a Director of AIEF, Warren Mundine, at the Garma Festival in North East Arnhem Land, setting out a contemporary agenda for tackling Indigenous inequality.

Tue 13 Aug 2013

The Weekend Australian – To close gap, we’ll take brumby workhorses over show ponies

Andrew Penfold

In an opinion piece in The Weekend Australian, AIEF CEO Andrew Penfold discusses the history of wasted funding in Indigenous Affairs and the need to focus attention towards programs that deliver tangible results and genuine outcomes.

Sat 17 Aug 2013

The Australian – Hard yards lead to recognition

Rick Morton

The Australian features AIEF CEO Andrew Penfold, winner of the inaugural New South Wales Human Rights Award.

Fri 23 Aug 2013

The Weekend Australian – Breaking the cycle of Aboriginal inequality

Andrew Penfold

In an opinion piece in The Weekend Australian, AIEF CEO Andrew Penfold discusses the critical role of Indigenous education policy in the lead up to the federal election.

Sat 31 Aug 2013

The Australian – Field wide open as hometown bubbles burst

Justine Ferrari

The Australian features cousins Shannon Moloney and Tarryn Brown, part of of AIEF’s Year 12 Class of 2013.

Mon 9 Sep 2013

The Australian – The ideal time for a big society

An editorial in The Australian discusses the importance of the not-for-profit sector and organisations such as AIEF, which are well placed to respond to the needs of disadvantaged Australians.

Wed 16 Oct 2013

The Australian – BHP investing in 185 futures, and then some

Justine Ferrari

The Australian reports the announcement of a new $10 million commitment to AIEF by AIEF’s Corporate Partner BHP Billiton, which will fund an additional 90 secondary and tertiary scholarships over the next ten years.

Fri 18 Oct 2013

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